Statement of Purposes

Who am I?

I describe myself as a person that likes to do everything in a straight way. If I have to do something, I like to do it right from the first time. I don´t like to leave an activity in the half way. It applies in all the aspects of my life even in personal issues. I consider that this attitude has helped me to achieve all the goals I proposed to myself. I´m a dreamer and ambitious person but also realistic. I have great plans in my mind but I´m aware that to achieve this I have to do it step by step. Also, I´m a committed person with my beliefs. When I´m involved in any new project, I deliver myself and put all my effort to do it in the best possible way.


Leer es volar

To read is to fly.


My incredible and sad Tale

My brother and my uncle have being my academicals models all of my life. Thanks to my uncle, I heard for the first time the word Doctorate. At that time, my uncle was the only person in my family with a bachelor degree. He was studying a BS in Mechanical Engineering and his plans were to get a Ph.D. degree. I had no idea about what a Ph.D. means but it appears to be something really good. Unfortunately, my uncle just finishes the BS and then he went to the industry. My second model was my older brother, A.. He took a further step than my uncle. He studied an MS in chemical engineering without getting the degree.

Taking them as example, I proposed to myself to surpass them. I did not want a simple BS degree, or an MS degree, I will get the Ph.D. degree.  Doctorate represented a personal challenge and something meaningful to me, because if I get that I will be the first person in my family to achieve it.

Since I was a child, I always loved math. I like its precision, its abstraction and the fact that they do not admit ambiguities. I used to believe that beyond the abstraction there was a kind of art and beauty. Due that, when I finish the high school level, I decided to study a bachelor in Mathematics. In my mind, I used to think in math as the typical Olympiad problems of logic and geometry. I had a great deception when I realized that the BS in math is highly abstract, and unlinked from reality. In that moment, I decided I wanted to study something that involves math but it has to be connected with the reality. That is how I decided to study Mechanical Engineering. I found in this career the perfect combination between Math and real life applications. As time goes, I added a new item to my favorite topics list: computer simulations.    

Those three items, (math, its applications, and computer simulations), are the reasons that motivate me to write you. I wish to study a Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering under the supervision of Dr. P. M.. He works on conventional and non-conventional energetic systems and the physics behind them. One of the issues I like about his research line is that part of them is based on computer simulations. I believe that I am the right person to work with him in his new batteries project. I have the necessary knowledge and the skills to conduct the computer simulations as much as the physical experiments.

In my research experience, I had worked from computer simulations to crafted activities. During the BS in Mechanical Engineering, my thesis project was the analysis of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (a device that converts the chemical energy from a reaction into electrical energy.) Carrying on this project represented a huge challenge to me because it was an interdisciplinary project. I had to learn about computer modeling, mechanics, chemistry and materials in order to complete the project.

During the MS in Mechanical Engineering, I continue with the fuel cells´ simulations. However, this time, I have the chance to construct and test these devices. During the cells construction, I did the design and the machining of the bipolar plates and the current collectors using a CNC (Computer numerical control) machine. At the same time, I build the experimental setup in order to carry on the experiments. Once the experimental and the numerical data were obtained, a comparison between them was done by mean of a neural network. This work was done under the supervision of Dr. A. H., from the University of Guanajuato, in collaboration with Dr. P. L., from the University of Arizona.

When I finish the master in Mechanical Engineering, I decided to improve my knowledge in math. For that reason, I started second masters in Applied Math at the Research Center for Mathematics (CIMAT). Throughout this master, I learned to have a mathematical rigor when I write or I have to support an idea. During this master, I worked on my thesis dissertation under the supervision of Dr. F. J. S.. My thesis topic was a mathematical discrete operator for the Advection-Diffusion-Reaction equation in an infinite dimension space. The proposed operator was proved and it was a generalization of other two discrete operators.

Last year, after finishing my second master, I decide to take a breath from taking school classes. In this year, I did one of my favorite activities, teaching. I have been teaching for almost 11 years at a high school level and 3 years at the university. One of the things I love about teaching is that one’s become a knowledge guide to the guys. And every single thing you do they take it as an example for them. Moreover, one finishes learning more from the students rather than them from us. Teaching has taught me that knowledge is to be shared. And always there is a simple way of explaining something beyond all the technical terminology.

The last year also helped me to visualize the direction I want to give to my life. In 2004, I have the opportunity of participating in the Cultural Exchange between the Univ. of G. and Texas A&M University, organized by the ASME. In this visit, I could get know the mechanical engineer department, from TAMU, and the student atmosphere at the campus. And I am completely sure that I want to study the Ph.D. degree in your university.

For me, a doctorate is more than a simple degree, it means a dream come true. This dream may be labeled with my name but it represents the confidence put in my shoulders by my family, my friends, my students and my teachers.

Hopefully, we´ll be part of the same community if you granted me with this opportunity.

Thank you very much for reading me.
Sincerely yours.

Juarez, el Ornitorrinco